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Over 25 years of working in Joint Venture Capital, Equity Investment, Asset Management and real estate development. 

About AmeriFirst Capital Group

Joint Venture Equity Investment Specialist

The principals of AmeriFirst have successfully managed a portfolio of over 2,200,000 square feet of income properties and 6,600 acres of ranch land and development property. We manage assets on day-to-day full authority basis to ensure the client the highest level of long-term value. Following are some of the previous development and consulting assignments completed by principles of AmeriFirst.

Services Provided

Expert Advice Behind Every Decision Made

Joint Venture Capital

Leverage resources, reduce costs, combine expertise and enter foreign markets with the interest of gaining and raising profit.

Equity Investment

Invest into a private or public company and become a profitable shareholder by increasing the value of the principal amount invested.

Real Estate Development

Diversify your investment portfolio and potentially generate higher returns than other types of investments. Requires Capital investment.

Why Choose AmeriFirst Capital Group

Smart Investing With Greater Results

Currently under development we have the West Sanford Business Park near Orlando, Florida. This flex space development will contain 139,000 square feet and construction will start early this year. Cash to purchase the site, obtain entitlements and fund requirements will be $4,000,000. Contact us if interested in investing in this Joint Venture.

Expert Leadership

We leverage our expertise to make informed decisions, drive innovation, and contribute to the success of your investment.


We collaborate through communication and diverse perspectives, leveraging each partner’s strengths to achieve goals.

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We value your privacy and are committed to safeguarding it, while providing you with tailored and attentive support that meets your specific needs.

We Do All The Work

We provide you the opportunity of hassle-free investment while you enjoy the benefits of a well-managed investment strategy.


What Our Clients Have To Say

David is well versed in all facets of real estate. He has talent that only a few have with the energy of a lion. We worked together for a company that produced jumbo commercial real estate loans, primarily in the southeast US. There is no one with more tenacity. He is also honest and trustworthy.

Ric Coffin

I have had many conversations with David about commercial real estate (Office Warehouse Construction Orlando). He took the equity in our land plus some cash and qualified us for a construction/permanent loan from a local bank. He met with the appraiser on site and gave him the spread sheets he needed.

Commercial Developer/Contractor

David found financing for our proposed commercial real estate development. We provided the proof of funds. A narrative financial statement and had our contractor provide a detailed cost analysis with backup. David took this information and put the Loan Request together that answered the lender’s questions. David also answered the rent rate and absorption rate questions that the appraiser needed. We used David’s services on three different developments. This was the largest project I had ever developed. He knew how much cash I had and he made the numbers work. Without his help this development would not have been built.

Central Fl Developer