Who Needs Us?

We serve the following communities:

  • Lake Nona / Narcoossee / St. Cloud
  • Minneola / Clermont / Groveland / Montverde
  • Space Coast
  • Kissimmee
  • The Villages / Leesburg
  • The Villages / Lady Lake / Fruitland Park
  • The Villages / Oxford
  • The Hills of Minneola
  • Four Corners / Davenport
  • Horizons West / back side of Disney
  • Deltona
  • Lake Pickett / East Orlando / UCF
  • Daytona / Latitudes

The following individuals and professions use our services:

Office / Flex


Description of use

File storage for a retired Doctor

Self-storage unit, no tenant improvements

Restoration of old airplane engine parts

Repair, restoration and shipping

Drug store merchandise, fire damage

Clean up and shipping

Internet sales of cell phone accessories

200 +/- deliveries shipped out daily by UPS and FedEx

Sales of tea and tea equipment

Wholesale to restaurants

Commercial painter

Storage of products and equipment

QVC sales of painting by the numbers

Packaging, assembly and delivery

Restaurant installation of fire-retardant systems

Office, flex space used to store supplies and equipment

Tile showroom and flex space

Storage, office and wholesale sales

Sign design and manufacturing

Plastic, wood and metal

Cell tower management

Electronic repair and installation

Electrical contractor

Office and material and equipment storage

Plumbing contractor

Office and material and equipment storage

Manufacture Rep for equipment

Storage of machinery and equipment.  Uses outside containers on an as needed basis.

Pool contractor

Material, chemical and equipment storage

Fire extinguisher contractor

Certifying and replacement of fire extinguishers

Candy and coffee wholesale vender

HVAC controlled flex space for storage and delivery

Antique furniture

Refinishing and restoration

Premarket and after-market van and auto service

Installation of moon roofs, fenders and accessories.  After market audio & electronic installation

Exterior finishes contractor

Storage of machinery and equipment

Radio controlled race cars

Wholesale manufacturing and assembly

Upholstery, residential and commercial

Office, work area and storage of raw materials

Car audio installation

Office, work area and storage of materials

Temporary casket manufacturing

Office, saw and stack area and indoor assembly area

Football quarterback training

Office, class room and open flex space for practice

String sales, wholesale vender

Office and storage of inventory and product

Equipment distributor of trenchers and backhoes

Office and storage of inventory and product.  Uses outside containers on an as needed basis.

Computer server wholesaler

Office and storage of inventory and product

General Contractor for stucco and drywall

Office, work area and storage of materials

Exotic car storage

Office and flex space

Furniture storage, repair and delivery.

Office, work area and storage of materials

QVC network, we make online shopping easy

Paint by the numbers, nationwide delivery

Man Cave or She Shed

A 'Man cave' is a male sanctuary where "guys can do as they please" without fear of upsetting any female sensibility about house decor or design."


Ladies need their space also.  She Sheds are defined by words including “charming”, “adorable”, “anti-man cave”, “fabulous” or simply “my private space”. 


The space is usually covered with pastel paint and comfy furniture.  Some have reading areas, craft rooms or miniature yoga studios.  Appointments include mood lighting, flower boxes, bistro tables, throw pillows flower vases and pastel flavored furniture.


A limited-production brewery, typically producing specialty beers and often selling its products only locally.

Metal fabrication, manufacturing and assembly

Manufacturing (Forming, cutting, or joining processes) and metalworking including lathing, welding and plasma cutting on items less than 500 pounds.

Wood fabrication, manufacturing and assembly

Manufacturing (Forming, cutting, or joining processes) and lathing,

Server Farm or Data Center

Can be used for Call centers, Internet marketing, Video editing, Internet providers, Ecommerce, Server farm or managed servers, Bit coin or crypto currency or Bit coin mining.


Space will need to include redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (air conditioning, fire suppression) and various security devices.

Church Organ

Repair, rehab and reconditioning of organs.

Drive up storage

Clean, dry & secure storage of business and family heirlooms, archived records, household goods, equipment, appliances, fixtures, et al.


The space is both conditioned and unconditioned and the lease term can be short term or long term.  This space is best used by people who wish to combine several self-storage units into one convenient facility.

Interior vehicle storage

With and without concierge services

Catering services

Office lunch catering, home parties, reunions, weddings, professional catering services

Satellite offices, Docking Station or

Small Package Distribution Space

Postage routs

FedEx, CostCo, WayFair, Amazon, Internet delivery routs

For national biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, telecommunications, Software, electronics, pharmaceutical, medical concerns, engineering, laboratory, data processing and call centers.

Wedding Venue

Space includes chairs, tables, lighting and photography and wedding accessories.

High-technology or Flex-Tech

Storage to light assembly to research and development.

Server Farm

A server farm or server cluster is a group of computers acting as servers and housed together in a single location.

Other similar uses

Other small business uses consistent with industry, manufacturing, machinery, equipment & processing.

Adult Toy Storage

Convenient indoor space for collectors with stackable bins and racks to organize and display their collection.

Mechanical Adult Toy Storage

Boats, planes, cars, motorcycles, trucks, large collectors’ items, antiques on hand trucks, items on hand carts, cast iron and diecast items and other vintage, classic, replica

and hobby items.  Estate items, second hand items, unassembled or assembled kits, restored or rescued items, military items, and similar items.

Business Address

Business domain leasing space to have an address in commercial zoning.

Ideal lab/Idea lab/flex/storage space

A space for investigation, observation of anything suggestive of scientific study

Flexible floor plans, proactive ownership

Real estate is a relationship-driven business. 

Proactive ownership allows the occupants to design their own space.

Last Mile, Last Mile Warehouses, Last Mile Logistics, Last Mile Delivery or Peer-to-Peer Delivery


e-commerce. Online shopping, currently at 10% of all retail sales but growing rapidly, is reconfiguring supply chains and spurring demand for warehouses that can handle the traffic.  (2018)


Online retailers not only require three times as much warehouse space as traditional retailers, but they also require logistical services that are highly sophisticated.  Those near dense population centers will do better, since they will be better positioned to transmit goods over the last mile, replacing standard retail.  (2018)


A peer-to-peer delivery platform or network connects truck and van owners to people and businesses that need to move or deliver large items on demand.


Liquid Space, Swing Space or Flex Space

Liquid Space is Flex Space.  Flex space offers both office and warehouse for immediate occupancy and with room to grow.  Cost of relocating and time delays are reduced and simplified compared to traditional leasing.


On site management and leasing provides immediate decision making for real-time space availability.  

Workshop or work shop

Office, work area and storage of materials

Nonhazardous research & testing lab

Test house and laboratory for carrying out physical and chemical tests on various construction materials such as aggregate, cement, brick, concrete, water, soil, bitumen, NDT and steel.

Commercial / Office / Showroom / Flex / Lite Retail

Floor tile sales and installation

Display area for samples and office, storage in flex space

Cleaner / cleaning supplies (plastic bags, hangers, soaps)

Display area for samples and office, storage in flex space

Commercial upholstery

Display area for samples and office, storage in flex space

Photography staging studio

Limited walk-in traffic

Insurance Agent

Internet sales and minor walk-in traffic

Manufactures Representative

Display area and office

Importer of luxury car parts

Internet sales and minor retail sales

Importer of rare airplane parts

Internet sales and limited retail sales

Tourist tin, candy & coffee supplier

Internet sales and minor retail sales

Residential Staging area

Internet sales and limited walk-in traffic

Specialty Antiques

Internet sales and minor walk-in traffic

Online Scrubs and medical items

Internet sales and minor walk-in traffic

Stain glass window manufacture & sales

Custom builds with limited traffic